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Finding the truth seems impossible when her own dark past has her seeing lies everywhere she looks…

From the outside, criminal psychiatrist Dr. Madeline Pine’s life appears picture-perfect—she has a beautiful family, a successful mental health practice, and a growing reputation as an expert in female violence. But when she's called to help investigate a mysterious death at a boarding school for troubled teenage girls, Madeline hesitates. She’s been through tragic cases before, and the one she was entangled in last year nearly destroyed her…

Yet she can’t turn away when she hears about Charlotte Ridley. After she was found barefoot and in pajamas at the bottom of an icy ravine on campus, the police ruled her death a tragic accident. But the private investigator hired by her mother has his doubts. If it were Madeline’s daughter who died, she’d want to know why

Arriving at the secluded campus in upstate New York, Madeline’s met by an unhelpful skeleton staff and the four other students still on campus during winter break. Each seems to hold a piece of the puzzle. And everyone has secrets—Madeline included. But who would kill to protect them?

Intertwining the narrative with the transcript of an anonymous interview, this stunning suspense debut will take you on a twisting path where nothing—and no one—is what it seems.


GENRE - Adult Psychological Thriller

PUBLISHER - MIRA & HarperCollins

RELEASE DATE - June 27, 2023


— Hannah Mary McKinnon, internationally bestselling author of The Revenge List

"Set at an exclusive school for troubled teenage girls, THE NIGHT IT ENDED by Katie Garner is dark, twisted, and utterly compelling. Impossible to put down, you won’t know who or what to believe and the creepy location will have you looking over your shoulder more than once.
One heck of a debut with an ending that left me speechless."

— Ashley Winstead, author of The Last Housewife

"A gorgeously atmospheric dark academic thriller set at a snowy boarding school so vividly rendered you can practically feel the frost freezing your blood. Garner centers female rage in the most delicious and page-turning of ways, plunging readers into a world where women's machinations, conspiracies, anger, and even violence rule all. THE NIGHT IT ENDED is a twisty, frantically-paced story you'll be desperate to devour all the way to the ice-cold ending."

— Halley Sutton, author of The Hurricane Blonde

"Katie Garner's debut novel is a chilly, twisty ride—think dark academia meets Gillian Flynn. THE NIGHT IT ENDED is both a brooding Gothic mystery set at a boarding school for wayward girls and a jittery domestic thriller and just when you think you've got a handle on the story, Garner pulls the rug out from under you.
I couldn't put it down."

— Amanda Jayatissa, author of You’re Invited

"Disarmingly sensory, with plot twists that are sure to give readers whiplash, Katie Garner has done a phenomenal job of giving us just enough information to think we know where the story is going, only to pull the rug out from under us—over and over again.
A nail-bitingly spectacular debut!"

— Hank Phillippi Ryan, USA Today bestselling author of The House Guest

"Standing ovation for the brilliant Katie Garner! Captivating, ingenious, and absolutely audacious, this tour de force in structure and storytelling kept me turning the pages as fast as I could. Yes, THE NIGHT IT ENDED is a dark gothic murder investigation at a mysterious school for troubled girls—but don't judge, don't assume, don't try to figure it out—just let Garner's masterful sleight of hand carry you away through the gasp-worthy twists and turns. Do not miss this!"

— Amber Garza, author of In A Quiet Town

"Wow. I loved this. Compulsively readable. I flew through it. Brilliant use of the unreliable narrator. I enjoyed the police interviews interwoven with the present-day mystery. It kept me on my toes. And that last plot twist...amazing.

I did not see it coming."

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